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Post by Smaxie on Thu Aug 19, 2010 3:25 am


Where is the bank?

Under NAVIGATION on the left of your home page you will find EXPLORE. Once there look under BUSINESS and you will see CITY BANK.

If you wish to go to the bank then click here: BANK

How do I make an investment?

Investments are a good way of making money in the game. Go to the bank page and you will see an investment option. All investments mature within 7 day and can not be removed until the full 7 days are over. The current interest rate for investments is 2.0%, you can add to this by completing the Money Management course in the learning centre.

If you wish to go to the bank then click here: BANK

If you wish to go to the LEARNING CENTRE click here: LEARNING CENTRE

Can I take my money out of an investment early?

No. Once you have committed to an investment your money will stay there until the 7 days are over.


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