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Post by Smaxie on Thu Aug 19, 2010 3:31 am


How do I commit a crime?

Look under NAVIGATION on the left side of your home page, there you will see CRIMES.

To commit a crime simply click on the name of the crime you wish to do. If you succeed with the crime you will receive a reward if you fail you spend time in hospital or jail. You can greatly improve your chances of crimes by spending your credits on the Crime Chance.


Why do I keep failing at crimes?

Some crimes are harder than others. If you go for a harder crime you will have more chance of failing unless you are an experienced criminal. You can see just how good you are by obtaining the CRIME CHANCE via credits.


How do I get a car?

You receive cars from completing a GTA crime successfully.

How do I sell a car?

You can sell cars in the several Auto Depots we have on various planets. You see see the value of a car in your inventory or the Auto Depot.


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