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How do I level?

You can obtain level experience buy killing other players. If you kill players that are a higher level than you, then you will gain more experience per kill, if you kill players who are a lower level you will get less.

Is there a level cap?

No. There is no level cap on this game.

How can I travel to other places?

We have lots of planets for you to travel to, each has its own level restrictions. You can find the full list at the Travel Agency.

click here: TRAVEL AGENCY

How do I make money?

There are lots of ways of making money in the game:

* go to UP TOWN and explore some of the games.
* be a trader and buy and sell your goods in the markets.
* commit crimes.

How do I get a weapon/armor?

Weapons and armour can be bought from the arms store on each planet. The further you have to travel for them the better the item. You can also use the ITEM MARKET to check what other players are selling.

click here: ITEM MARKET

What are credits?

Credits are a rewards for in game achievements. You will win them by just playing the game, there is no official list of all the credits available but some players may have made their own.

At the credit exchange you can trade your credits in for things that will increase you game play.
Click here: Credit Exchange

It says on my page "Have you voted today" what does this mean?

By clicking on it you will be taken to a page which has several sites listed. These sites all have Chaotic Worlds listed. The more votes CW receive the higher they move up the list and the more attention they will get. Just click on each site and fill in the required fields, you will receive your reward automatically.

We do appreciate you voting for CW and we will award you with 5 crystals for every vote, daily. Also if your referrals vote too you will get a bonus from them.

Click here: VOTE

How can I change my password?

You will find the option under ACCOUNT then SETTINGS.

Click here: SETTINGS

How do I change my email address?

You can change the email address that you used when you signed up to the game by contacting:

Click here: Faded-Gamer

Click here: ANALOG


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