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What do drugs do?

Different drugs do different things they all give you an in game advantage. you can find drugs in the DRUG LAB. Here you can see the materials to make the drug you want, how much it will cost and how many you own.

Once you produce the drug this is where you will also find them ready to use.

Click here: THE DRUG LAB.

What does Marijuana do?

Marijuana costs $350 per drug and it will give you temporary bonus to your guard.

What does Coaine do?

Cocaine costs $3,500 per drug and it will give you a temp bonus to your (have now idea)

What does PCP do?

I have no idea

What does LSD do?

LSD costs $5,000 to buy per drug and this will stop your will decreasing and give you an added % to it whilst in use. The quality of the drug determines how long it will last and what bonus you will receive. You can harvest LSD after 24 hours, although it can be maintained for 36.

What do Anabolic steroids do?

Anabolic steroids cost $35,000 to buy and give you an advantage to training. They add an extra % to the over all stats per train. This means even when your will is zero you will still gain an advantage for every train.

How do I maintain a drug?

Once you have purchased the drug you will see the option to produce it. Once you have selected this the drug will move to a separate window. From there you will see the option to maintain them every hour. Once the allotted time for the drug has passed your drug will disappear and you can not retrieve it so make sure you harvest them in time.

Click here: DRUG LAB


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